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A Brief Introduction

1999 has been declared the International Year of the Aged by the United Nations.  The Australian government henceforth commensurate the occasion with a special one-dollar coin.  The International Year of the Aged affirms the many contributions of the Aged to humankind, society and family.  It highlights the need to improve the quality of living for the Aged to ensure peace and stability in their golden years.  The French government established the 1st University of the Third Age (or U3A) in 1972 and has since been well received by many Senior Frenchmen so much so that the idea of such university has now been disseminated throughout the world.

To follow suit, The Australian government established its first U3A in 1984 and there are now altogether 119 of them all over Australia.  However, a ‘university’ of this kind has not yet been established among the rapidly growing ethnic Chinese community in Australia.  Many Chinese Senior Citizens have given their best years in the early days to help build Australia into a multi-cultural nation, but due to various reasons, some of them have indulged in inappropriate recreational activities consequently creating many undesirable social problems to both the family and themselves.

In response, the Melbourne Chinese Christian Churches Fellowship has committed to meet the challenge of reaching out to the Senior Chinese citizens - Christians or non-Christians – through a program of socially and spiritually enhancing activities, such as a Chinese U3A.  It is our prayer that many Chinese Senior Citizens may be able to live their lives to the full by always learning, continuously contributing, and most of all, deservedly enjoying their twilight years.

U3A is suitable for all Chinese Senior Citizens regardless of sChinese U3A coursesex, educational backgrounds or religious beliefs.  While only those who are 55 years of age and/or  above are eligible for full-time enrolment pending approval from the board, selective studies are available for those who are below 55 years old.  U3A is a 2-year course with 4 academic semesters in a year.  Various courses are available subject to the availability of lecturers.  Certificate of graduation will be conferred to those who have fulfilled the requirements for completion of the courses.   There are also special certificate given for the completion of singular subject undertaken.  Appropriate out-door activities, special care and concern programs are also a part of the curriculum.  With the exception of the English and Chinese language subjects (exclusive of the cost for materials), a $30 fees will be charged for every subject.  Tentatively, five subjects will be available for enrolment.  To ensure the quality of the school, the qualification of our various teaching staffs will be carefully examined by the school board.

Classes commenced on 23 February 2000 at the shopping area nearby Box Hill area



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